SAFIR2018 INTERIM SEMINAR AND WEBINAR 23. - 24.3.2017 - Day 1

► Opening session : Liisa Heikinheimo (ME A E) , Petteri Tiippana ( STUK ) , Jari Hämäläinen ( SAFIR2018 )
► Crafting operational resilience in nuclear domain (VTT, FIOH), Jari Laarni
► Integrated safety assessment and justification of nuclear power plant automation (VTT, Aalto, FISMA, Risk Pilot, IntoWorks), Antti Pakonen
► Poster presentation : Management principles and safety culture in complex projects (VTT, Aalto, University of Oulu), Nadezhda Gotcheva
► Experimental and numerical methods for external event assessment improving safety (VTT), Alexis Fedoroff
► Comprehensive analysis of severe a ccidents (VTT), Anna Nieminen
► Chemistry and transport of fission products (VTT), Teemu Kärkelä
► Probabilistic risk assessment method development and applications (VTT, Aalto, Risk Pilot), Ilkka Karanta
► Poster presentation : Extreme wea ther and nuclear power plants ( FMI ), Kirsti Jylhä
► Poster presentation : Fire risk evaluation and defence-in-depth (VTT, Aalto), Anna Matala
► Poster presentation : Safety of new reactor technologies (VTT), Jarno Kolehmainen
► Poster presentation: Nuclear criticality and safety analyses preparedness at VTT (VTT), Pauli Juutilainen
► Poster presentation: Neutronics, burnup and nuclear fuel (Aalto), Jarmo Ala - Heikkilä
► Development of a Monte Carlo based calculation sequence for reactor core safety analyses (VTT ), Jaakko Leppänen
► Physics and chemistry of nuclear fuel (VTT) , Ville Tulkki
► Safety analyses for dynamical events (VTT), Ville Sahlberg
► Impacts of Fukushima Daiichi accident on Nuclear Safety, Petteri Tiippana (STUK)
► Implications of Fukushima Daiichi accident on Nuclear Safety Research, Ilona Lindholm (VTT)