8.6.2023 RiskLab/BoF/ESRB Conference on Systemic Risk Analytics, Conference Day 1

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8:30–9:00 Conference opening: Olli Rehn (Governor, Bank of Finland)

9:00–10:00 Keynote: Making Banking Safe

Stephen Cecchetti (Professor Brandeis University, ESRB)

10:00–10:30 Refreshments

10:30–11:30 Session 1
Uncertain credit-loss phases and bank-capital
Nikola Tarashev (Bank for International Settlements)

Differential Effects of Macroprudential Policy
Nina Biljanovska (International Monetary Fund)

11:30–12:30 Session 2
U.S monetary policy and credit risk of new corporate credit lines
Viktors Stebunovs (Federal Reserve Board)

Liquidity Provision and Co-insurance in Bank Syndicates
Filip Zikes (Federal Reserve Board)

12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–14:30 Session 3
A Model of Interacting Banks and Money Market Funds
Javier Suarez (CEMFI)

Derivative margin calls: a new driver of MMF flows
Dilyara Salakhova (International Monetary Fund)

14:30–15:00 Refreshments

15:00–16:00 Session 4
Tackling climate change risks to financial stability: What role for prudential policy?
Paul Hiebert (European Central Bank)

The Macroeconomic effects of the insurance climate protection gap
Margherita Giuzio (European Central Bank)

16:00–17:00 Keynote: Machine Learning: The Basics
Alex Jung (Assistant Professor, Aalto University & Principal AI Scientist, Silo AI)

17:00 Closing remarks

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