For testing

Here you can test your device for upcoming livestream. The actual broadcast of yours won't be shown on this page, this is for testing only. When you see the video feed with sound at least for one minute, your device is working properly for the webinar. After you are done with testing, RETURN TO your actual webinar page.

Instructions for watching webinar:

1. Setup your device. In case you have been working with your computer for many days in a row without restarting it, we recommend doing it before the webinar starts. This will release all the overload of your computer. We do recommend you should not use other functions on your computer at the same time watching the webinar, so your computer won't overload itself with multiple tasks.

2. Internet access. Use a network which you know is working properly without any disruptions. We do not recommend using VPN connections.

3. Internet browser. It is better to use other internet browsers than Internet Explorer. Workable browsers are for example Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for Mac-users. You can also use your mobile device such as mobilephone or tablet.

4. Start watching. We will start our test video and sound around 30 minutes before the webinar. After we have started the test, we will announce it on the chat wall which is located on the right side of the stream view.

5. Communication. If your webinar organiser has activated the chat, you can send your comments or questions by writing it on the chat box. Fill in your name or nickname and your message and then press SEND. Your message will appear on the screen right away after hitting the SEND button, or if moderator mode is on by the organiser, the moderator will first approve or discard the message.

Frequently asked questions:

The video feed is rolling but there's no sound. What shall I do?
Try to change internet browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, and for Mac-users, Safari.

The video feed is breaking. What shall I do?
Close all the other tasks on your computer. Refresh the page by pressing the F5 function key and then press play. Use other than VPN connections.

Please enjoy watching!

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This site is for testing only. Please return to your webinar page for the webinar.

Sami | 1685510115

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