Opening Liisa Heikinheimo (MEAE) Petteri Tiippana (STUK) Jari Hämäläinen (SAFIR2018) Electric systems and safety in Finnish NPP - ESSI (VTT, Aalto, Risk Pilot), Seppo Hänninen Management principles and safety culture in complex projects - MAPS (VTT, Aalto, University of Oulu), Nadezhda Gotcheva Poster: Crafting operational resilience in nuclear domain - CORE (VTT, FIOH), Jari Laami Poster: Practical applications and further development of overall safety consept - ORASPP (LUT, VTT), Marja Ylönen Integrated safety assessment and justification of nuclear power plant automation - SAUNA (VTT, Aalto, FISMA, Risk Pilot), Antti Pakonen Extreme weather and nuclear power plants - EXWE (FMI), Kirsti Jylhä Probabilistic risk assessment method development and applications - PRAMEA (VTT, Aalto, Risk Pilot), Terhi Kling Safety of new reactor technologies - GENXFIN (VTT), Tuomo Sevón Fire risk evaluation and defence-in-depth - FIRED (VTT, Aalto), Jukka Vaari Poster: Comprehensive analysis of severe accidents - CASA (VTT), Anna Korpinen Poster: Chemistry and transport of fission products - CATFIS (VTT), Teemu Kärkelä Poster: Experimental and numerical methods for external event assessment improving safety - ERNEST (VTT), Ari Vepsä Poster: Development of a Monte Carlo based calculation sequence for reactor core safety analyses - MONSOON (VTT), Jaakko Leppänen Poster: Safety analysis for dynamic events - SADE (VTT), Elina Syrjälahti Nuclear criticality and safety analyses preparedness at VTT - KATVE (VTT), Pauli Juutilainen Physics and chemistry of nuclear fuel - PANCHO (VTT), Henri Loukusa Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses for reactor safety - USVA (VTT, Aalto), Asko Arkoma Benefits and challenges in participation in international safety research, Cyril Pinel, Director of International Affairs, IRSN SSM:s view on how to secure nuclear competence in Sweden, Anneli Hällgren, Director, Development Department, SSM Hans Wanner, Director General of ENSI, Chair of WENRA (Western European Nuclear Regulators' Association)


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