0:02:15 Opening 0:04:01 Research area "RG4 Thermal hydraulics" 0:04:01 Comprehensive and systematic validation of independent safety analysis tools - COVA (VTT), Seppo Hillberg 0:23:19 Integral and separate effects tests on thermal-hydraulic problems in reactors - INTEGRA (LUT) Vesa Riikonenj 0:44:14 Poster: Couplings and instabilities in reactor systems - INSTAB (LUT) Markku Puustinen 0:52:42 Poster: Development and Validation of CFD Methods for Nuclear Reactor Safety Assessment - NURESA (VTT, Aalto, LUT) Timo Pättikangas 1:02:53 Ari-Pekka Kirkinen, Fortum 1:16:59 Mikko Lemmetty, TVO 1:30:24 Hannu Tuulensuu, Fennovoima 2:17:57 Research area "RG5 Structural Integrity" 2:17:57 Condition monitoring, thermal and radiation degradation of polymers inside NPP containments - COMRADE (VTTP, SP) Konsta Sipilä 2:38:49 Analysis of fatigue and other cumulative ageing to extend lifetime - FOUND (VTT, Aalto) Juha Kuutti 2:57:30 Long term operation aspects of structural integrity - LOST (VTT) Sebastian Linqvist 3:17:45 Non-destructive examination of NPP primary circuit components and concrete infrastructure - WANDA (VTT, Aalto) Tuomas Koskinen 3:37:36 Poster: Mitigation of cracking through advanced water chemistry - MOCCA (VTT) Timo Saario 4:46:54 Research area "RG5 Structural Integrity" (cont.) 4:47:16 Poster: Thermal ageing and EAC research for plant life management - THELMA (VTT, Aalto) Ulla Ehrnsten 4:56:38 Poster: Evolving the Fennoscandian GMPEs - EVOGY (VTT, ISUH) Ludovic Fülöp 5:06:15 Research area "RG6 Research infrastructure" 5:06:15 Barsebäck RPV material used for true evaluation of embrittlement - BRUTE (VTT) Ulla Ehrnsten 5:27:48 Poster: Jules Horowitz Reactor - JHR collaboration & Melodie follow-up - JHR (VTT) Ville Tulkki 6:35:03 Research area "RG6 Research infrastructure" 6:35:03 Development of thermal-hydraulic infrastructure at LUT - INFRAL (LUT) Joonas Telkkä 6:55:53 Radiological laboratory commissioning - RADLAB (VTT), Wade Karlsen 7:26:54 Final discussion moderated by the chairperson of the SAFIR2018 Management Board Marja-Leena Järvinen


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