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News for foreign corporate entities about applications for tax-at-source refunds on dividend, interest and royalty income, webinar 13 June

Webinar programme:

Changes to Form 6163e: actual beneficiary of dividend, interest or royalty income

Updated guidelines for completing Forms 6163e and 6167e

How 2017 legislative amendments will impact on applications for tax-at-source refunds

How to apply for a tax-at-source card for dividend, interest or royalty income

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Admin | 1497333766

You can send messages via browser. Browser messages should be sent via the message field located at the bottom of the website.

Finnish Tax Administration | 1497354498

Welcome to the webinar chat. Answering your questions today are Katja and Tuula. We look forward to your questions and comments. Some of the questions asked will be answered during the webinar. While all questions may not be answered during the webinar, we will answer all questions in due time and send these responses to all participants via email within few weeks.

Janina | 1497355244

Hei, kauan webinaari mahtaa kestää?

Hei! Aikaa on varattu 1,5 h/ The webinar will last approximately 1,5 hours.

Sonal | 1497355453

Sonal | 1497355459


Sonal | 1497355637

is webinar started ??

Yes, if you can't see it, press play or try to refresh the page.

Felicity | 1497355760

Hi there, we also seem to be having technical difficulties viewing the webinar - we have refreshed the page. Do you have any other suggestions? Ideal settings, etc.?

You will need to have the latest version of Flash. In case this doesn't help, you will receive a link to the recording afterwards. You can also try a different web browser.

Sha | 1497355825

Hi, I cannot see any play button and have refreshed the page
Still only black screen

You will need to have the latest version of Flash. In case this doesn't help, you will receive a link to the recording afterwards. You can also try a different web browser.

Artur | 1497355965

switch to yt

D | 1497355965

What is the refund timeline/ processing timelines on Finnish Dividend withholding tax applications?

That depends on the grounds of your claim. The processing time is little longer for EU Law based claims than tax treaty claims.

Sha | 1497355995

Ok, thank you. Will wait for the recording afterwards

Try the link to the Youtube Channel? Can you see the link in the right?

Wonjae | 1497356068

is it possible to not require us to separate first and last name for individuals?

1J | 1497356258

Can we also go over documentation requirements as well as if original/copies are required for each forms

AB | 1497356302

Hi, does this updated instruction only concern applications of refunds, but not relief at source, i.e. the detailed information to be provided to the Finnish custodian in order to achieve a relief at source has not changed?

Thank you for the question. This question will addressed afterwards by email.

Arkadiusz | 1497356385

Question concerning QR codes - are they unique for each application?

Each form has its own QR Code. So the QR in the application form is not unique for each application. However, please note that when you receive a further information request with a cover letter with QR code, that QR code is unique and points to the application in question.

1J | 1497356846

Do power of attorneys require notarization

In general, we do not require the POA to be notarized, if we can verify that person's right to legally represent the applicant who undersigned the POA. This verification can be done for example from the Trade Register extract. If that kind of verification can't be done, or you find it difficult to show the undersingn's right to represent the applicant, a notarized POA will of course be accepted.

Sherelle | 1497357108

Hello. My question is regarding the payment of these applications. To my understanding there is interest paid on long form claims and there is an additional interest applied as well if payment is done after the decision date. Can you advise how we would calculate this amount as it is not included in the decision letter received?

Thank you for the question. We will explain how the interest is calculated later by email.

D | 1497357145

For partnerships - should all partners be listed or can a certain threshold are met example 80% of the partners making up residency of the country from which we want to claim for. Example if a US LP is claiming to be able to use the USA /Finnish Double tax treaty we need to include a full list or can for example the names of partners make up a threshold, 80%,90% of the ownership?

Thank you for the question. This question will be addressed afterwards by email.

AB | 1497357325

Can you please elaborate on the updated instruction concerning beneficial owenership of dividends: "This request concerns cases when all or some of the shares related to the payment specified on the application form were part of a total return swap, a futures contract or some other derivative contract; or if the shares were lent to another party or were part of some other legal or contractual obligation." Does this additional requirement only concern arrangements, where the specific shares in question are part of a legal or contractual obligation (e.g. share lending), but not arrangements that do not have any legal or contractual connection to the specific shares in question, although the underlying of the derivatives contract may be the value of the shares in the same listed company (e.g. a cash settled TRS enterd into as a hedge)?

Thank you for the question. This question will be addressed afterwards by email.

Julia | 1497357646

Hi, if we are applying for a refund based on EU law, we used to have to submit 6161e and this needed to be stamped by the foreign tax authority. Do we not need this anymore ie. do we just need to submit a certificate of residence? Thanks

The certificate of tax residency is always mandatory information. In addition to COR, the 6161e is needed in EU Law cases to show that the applicant didn't get the Finnish WHT credited in the country of residence. The 6161e itself is not mandatory, the same information can be provided in free form. For example, if the applicant is tax-exempt in the residency country, you can quote the relevant national legislation of the aplicant's residency country's national legislation. I will explain this more thoroughly afterwards by email.

Wonjae | 1497357743

who or where can applicants reach out to regarding updates of the outstanding applications?

The applicants and their representatives can contact directly any of us.

AB | 1497357900

What is the current estimated processing time of dividend refund applications for dividends paid in 2016?

That depends on when the application was filed to us. We process the claims within the order they have arrived. Currently we are processing EU Law claims that have arrived in late 2015/early 2016 and tax treaty claims that have arrived in late 2016.

Wonjae | 1497358026

Please confirm that statute of limitation = 5 years, deadlines for appeals (5 years -> 3 years)

Thank you for the question. I'll explain the statutes of limitation in the Q&A's that we will send to all participants afterwards.

RN | 1497358153

So do we need to apply for a Tax at Source Card to get relief at source going forward? From when is this applicable?

Only if you wish to have the EU Law based tax treatment already at source or it is unclear whether you are eligible to tax treaty benefits. In clear tax treaty cases the tax treaty can be applied at source withhout the tax-at-source card.

AB | 1497358247

OK thx. Can you provide an average of the processing time? If it depends on the basis of the claim, please provide the average times for all categories.

D | 1497358395

Where should these applications for Tax @ source card sent

RN | 1497358404

Thank you - if it is a clear tax at source situation - are there any changes to documentations that we should keep on file in house in case of any queries?

The same documentation requirements still apply at source and you should also be prepared to show the dividend receiver's entitlement to the dividend in question and that the receiver was in fact the beneficial owner. This question will be addressed more thoroughly afterwards in the Q&A's.

Finnish Tax Administration | 1497358464

All the questions presented in the chat will be answered later on via email.

D | 1497358645

How long does does the application take to approve if all relevant info is sent?

AW | 1497358645

Form 6168e on FTA's website is named "Appeal against a Decision on refunds of tax at source" and during the presentation it was also mentioned in Standard Tax Reclaim part. So my questions is: does this form apply only of Tax at source card as name suggests, or is it general appeal form provided by FTA?

Thank you for the question. The form 6168 is meant on appealing to a refund decision. So for example, if you have applied for a refund using the form 6163e, and your claim has been rejected, you can appeal the decision by using the 6168. So it is not related to the tax-at-source card at all.

Finnish Tax Administration | 1497358921

Please find the link to the recording:

Finnish Tax Administration | 1497359047

You will receive the answers to the questions within few weeks.


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